Top YouTube Influencers in india

Videos are undoubtedly one of the most engaging forms of content and the number of individuals showcasing their skills and talent at YouTube is increasing every single day.

YouTube as a social media platform has grown rapidly, ever since its inception in 2005 and today, it stands as the most visited site on the Internet after Google and Facebook. Individuals are using YouTube channels to showcase their talent with creative videos and snippets, giving rise to a completely new trend of macro and micro-influencers known as the YouTube influencers.

Bhuvan Bam & Amit bhadana is topping the list and doesn’t need an introduction. Let’s have a look at some other most influential and Top YouTube Influencers in India.

Kannan Gill
Kannan is known for his intelligent humor and his ability to amalgamate satire to daily events. He started his YouTube career with movie reviews and today he has a huge following that continues to grow.

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Tanmay Bhatt
Tanmay is a scriptwriter, comedian, actor and is popular for producing the show All India back chop. His ability to imitate personalities in the wittiest style has gotten him a huge following.

Shirley Setia
Shirley Setia has a number of music covers at her name and is talked about to be the next Bollywood sensation. Her entry at YouTube brought her a huge win in a competition conducted by T-Series.

Shruti Anand
Shruti has a flair for arts and crafts. On YouTube she has been catering to the Indian women in particular with her tips on DIY products, makeup, fitness, and lifestyle.

Ranjit Kumar
Ranjit delivers the most honest and genuine feedback on smartphones, tablets, and gadgets. This technology geek has his own following who are big fans of technology

Ajay Nagar
Ajay’s videos are mostly about gameplays, photos, and his astonishing voice. His YouTube channel has a huge base of followers interested in slapstick humor with deliberate sarcasm.

Mumbaikar Nikhil
Nikhil is a biker and treats his viewers with stunning visuals through the most amazing moments from his rides. He keeps them natural and gives his viewers a first-person perspective.

Bibi Ki Vines
Bibi ki vines YouTube Channel by Bhuvan is a real depiction of the life of every urban youth. With a huge following of youngsters, he specializes in the most relatable areas like parents, exams, girlfriends and Valentine’s Day, packed with humor and witty comments.

My Bollywood Body
This is the perfect YouTube channel for the best advice on body weight, getting into shape, diet plans and tips for getting that right build.

Rohan Trehan
Rohan Trehan animates football games and showcases them in a very interesting way. Game comparisons, animations, a compilation of the best goals and more such interesting stuff keeps his viewers growing always.

Sandeep Maheshwari
Sandeep Maheshwari is a motivational speaker inspiring thousands of people through his advice on life. He gives answers to some of life’s most difficult questions with an alternate perspective.

Brands across categories are partnering with Top YouTube Influencers in India to engage with young consumers, who spend a lot of time watching videos. YouTube Influencers are changing the way brands interact with consumers online.

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