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Best Movie Promotion Agency in India

It’s the digital age of Social Media and there’s hardly any promotion that goes through without involving Social Media Platforms. From Twitter Feeds to Facebook Lives to Instagram Stories – everything leads to promotions reaching the masses instantly and remaining available all the time. With the digital world, Movie Marketing is changing too.

Successful film promotion involves excellent marketing strategies whether it’s offline or online marketing for the film industry. The Film industry looks for new and advanced marketing techniques to promote a movie and target the mass audience all together. Spreading the word about a movie release months ahead of the release is best done online and not through newspapers or theaters.

Having an Online Movie Promotion Plan ensures that the teasers, trailers, posters and promotions are available to the audiences all the time and they can watch it again and again. On the other hand, TV ads are extremely expensive and cannot be played repeatedly. Online medium is definitely the most powerful and least expensive to promote movies and also it targets audiences in big numbers instantly.

We at HDK Digital, help build a strong online presence and a complete online entity for your movie. From social media accounts at platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to YouTube channel promotions to influencers re-sharing the movie media, we handle everything right from the movie’s online entry till the movie stays in cinemas. We keep the chatter alive across platforms and build up to the big day of movie release.

Online movie promotion strategy needs to be well planned so that it offers a unique experience to the audiences, creates curiosity, builds excitement and reaches the audience’s hearts. From a complete website experience to social media marketing buzz, whatever is the requirement, our experienced team at HDK Digital offers the best and effective solutions. We popularize the movie, its cast, its songs and music and the story line without revealing the actual plot.

Since social media platforms are open to all, sometimes people post negative content too. We keep a watch out for any negative publicity or any negative remarks. We reach out to those individuals and try to get the content taken down or address it appropriately. We also ensure positive and organic movie reviews from the common people on Social Media platforms. Reviews are something that everyone reads and they have a lot of impact.

Some of our key marketing points as a Movie Promotion Company are:

  • Movie Poster Release
  • Movie Teaser Release
  • Movie Trailer Release
  • YouTube Videos Release
  • Official Movie Merchandise Promotion
  • Official Movie Website
  • Building Awareness about the Movie
  • Live Video Reviews from Cinema Halls
  • Positive Movie Reviews on Social Media
  • Celebrity Meet & Greet Contests
  • Q & A Sessions

We help seat the concept of the movie in the audience’s mind much before the release. Every movie genre is different. From love stories to biopics to action films to period dramas, every film requires a planned marketing strategy that needs to be well executed. We utilize the online mediums and platforms the best way to advertise and promote the movie. It’s a well known and proven fact that success on social media can lead to success in the box-office.’