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HDK Digital Meme Marketing Services in India

At HDK Digital, we help connect your Brand with the Youth and targeted audiences in the most interesting way – Memes. We have done several successful Meme Marketing Campaigns for a wide range of Clients. Our team of professionals creates the best witty and humorous Memes which instantly bring a smile on the users face and passes the brand message in a subtle way.
We create the perfect mix of Memes in Social Media Campaigns so that any user coming across the Memes gets interested and explores the content.

What is Meme?

A meme (pronounced as ‘meem’) is a concept of distributing instant humor to social media users through images, customized phrases, gifs or vines. Memes are very easily understood, connected with, well retained and convey the message quickly. A meme can be a static image, video clip, a phrase or some combination of a visual text that is shared across social media platforms. Memes mostly have a hidden meaning that is relatable to the youth. Memes are funny, interesting and most importantly, a piece of satire or sarcasm.

Meme Marketing Service Agency

Meme marketing is a part of viral marketing which uses platforms like social media networks to achieve marketing goals. Meme Marketing involves the practice of getting common users to promote a brand or product by creating appealing, engaging, and connecting news or content.

Meme marketing is undoubtedly one of the most powerful social media marketing strategies today. As social media is rising continuously, meme marketing has changed hundreds of brands social media market strategies. Social media managers of brands always try to find the latest and the best way to get their brand heard. The marketing agencies craft content that engage customers to build brand image. Here’s when Meme marketing comes into picture. We at HDK digital offer marketing and branding services through the power of memes. Marketing with Memes not only helps create instant connection with the audience but also makes your brand seem approachable, relatable and more friendly.

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Why Memes Are Important in Marketing?

The era of advertisements is gone now. Advertisements look pushed and forced through the user’s feed. People prefer buying premium memberships to skip and avoid Ads. Memes on the other hand are interesting, funny and connect with the users. Its the year 2020 and its the time of Memes. The witty wordplay and the context of static image or video clip, highlights the promotional aspect with creativity and humor. Memes are relatable and make users happy. Memes have become immensely popular on social media and there are social media profiles and pages fully dedicated to creating and sharing memes with their followers. Such social media Meme creators have a huge following and have gained popularity through their humor.

What Makes Us Creative Meme marketing agency in India?

Through creative Memes, our team creates a sense of belonging with your audience sot that they can relate to the situation you refer to and everyone’s in on the same joke. We execute the campaign by relating memes to a current trend or event, thus making your brand more real, relatable, and human. Our creative experts utilize the sense of humor of memes video or images and blend your brand seamlessly which helps in making the branding go viral.

We stick the Memes content according to the brand voice and message so that it maintains the brand consistency along with humor. Since memes spectrum can fall anywhere between extreme edgy and rude, to random, funny, weird or sarcastic, it’s important to understand where your brand falls along that spectrum and create the Meme content accordingly.

Apart from using the popular and frequently shared Meme pictures on the internet, we try to grab a meme-able picture of your product, and create unique brand related memes. That really helps to increase the likelihood of your content being shared by your audience and the brand information being passed loud and clear.

Why Choose us for Meme Marketing Service in India

Memes are meant to to be shared more and more so that the content is frequently re-posted and re-memed across the internet to reach a wider audience. We help achieve this quickly and effectively. It goes without saying that memes are the most shareable content on the internet now a day and it has to do with humor mostly. Our team ensures funnier and more relatable memes and they get more traction than others. With more and more engagement, it helps more in establishing your brand awareness.

We make sure to keep the Memes up with the current trends. Pitching in on an ongoing trend, commenting on them, and adding a twist to them in form of memes helps your brand seem more friendly, and approachable. Our Meme Marketing Service helps to add that twist to the regular Meme content which ensures instant connection with the audience.


Q 1. Does HDK Digital use the Memes available on the internet or create their own?
A 1. We use both type of Memes. We explore the witty and funny graphics available on the internet across Meme communities and connect them with the brand. Also we try to grab a meme-able picture of the brand product / service and create fun and humorous content around it.

Q 2. Are the Memes shared only for the brand campaign or it connects to the current trends also?
A 2. We amalgamate the brand’s voice and message along with the ongoing trending topics so that it relates with the users quickly. Its often possible to achieve this easily. But if a brand has some particular service or product that doesn’t relate to the current trends, then that campaign is executed by creating fresh Meme content.

Q 3. Does Memes include only static pictures or videos as well?
A 3. We use all types of Meme Marketing Content – Static Pictures, Video Clips, Popular Dialogues as Text Content in Bold and more.

At HDK Digital, we use effective techniques of Meme Marketing and help brands to dominate social media and win over the younger generation with creative and funny Memes.